About The Moonlit Pathway Project

      On New Year’s Eve, 2010, Nashoba Hostina decided she wanted to write a book on lycanthropy, and thus, The Moonlit Pathway Project came to be.  She began an audio blog, updated every full moon night, as a means of gathering her research on Lycanthropy together into coherent groupings, and sharing that research with others.  All the while, she did so with the hope that others would like to contribute their own local legends and experiences regarding all things lycanthropic.

      “I am here mainly to research both the folkloric as well as the allegedly true tales of lycanthropy ranging from Greece’s King Lycaon to Wisconsin’s Beast of Bray Road.  However, reading the same books everyone else does will only get me so far.

     "I would love to hear tales right from the wolf’s mouth, as it were. There are many werewolf stories told all around the world, and details or variations of these stories may not yet be found in the books I reference.  If you have local werewolf legends, sightings, or news you would like to share, be they local campfire stories or a sighting of a werewolf you had just last week, I would love to hear about it, and it may contribute to the research presented later.      "If you would like to contribute to The Moonlit Pathway Project, you can do so by emailing me at nashoba_hostina@yahoo.com.  In the letter, please state whether or not I have permission to publish and redistribute the information, and whether or not I may use your name (or screenname).

    "The more  information I can be given, about the legend or sighting, the better.  The kind of information I’m looking for includes the location and age of the legend or encounter, and in the case of encounters, what circumstances brought you to wherever the encounter happened, your personal state of mind both prior and after the encounter, and of course, a description of the werewolf like creature encountered.  Any information, such as physical appearance, what kinds of sounds it made, or even how it smelled, would be greatly appreciated.

     "Similarly, I’d be curious about any personal monster encounter, really, especially if it’s part of local lore.  The thing I’m really looking for, though, is werewolves.

     “Thank you for your time and… beware the moon.”